Loras College Unofficial Transfer Equivalencies for Saint Louis University                            

Note:  For current Loras students the general education equates listed below do not apply. Once a student matriculates to
Loras all remaining general education courses must be completed through Loras College courses only. The general education
equates listed on this transfer guide apply to incoming transfer students only.  Incoming First Year students are eligible
to receive general education credit for foundational courses only (-FI, -FM, -FS, -FW).  First Year students will not be
awarded advanced general education credit.  If you have questions, contact the Transfer Coordinator, at 563.588.7236, 800.245.6727, or email

Transfer Course Transfer Title................ Trans Cred  .. Loras Course Loras Titles............................ Loras Cred Start Dt End Dt..
BIOL104         Principles of Biology I              4.00     L.BIO-115    Principles of Biology I                        4.00 07/01/10
CHEM151         Engineering Chemistry                3.00                  Elective Credit                                3.00 06/22/10
ENGL150         Process of Composition               3.00                  Elective Credit                                3.00 06/13/07
ENGL190         Adv Strategies Rheto & Resr          3.00     L.LIB-105    College Writing-FW                             3.00 06/14/13
ENGL192         Adv Writing for Professionals        3.00                  Elective Credit                                3.00 06/22/10
ENGL194         Advanced Writing                     3.00     L.LIB-105    College Writing-FW                             3.00 06/14/13
ENGL202         Intro to Literary Study              3.00     L.ENG-210    Literary Studies                               3.00 06/14/13
ENGL260         Intro to Short Fiction               3.00     L.ENG-231    Short Fiction-AA                               3.00 08/03/10
HIST260         History of the US to 1865            3.00     L.HIS-121    United States History to 1877                  3.00 06/11/13
HIST261         Hist of the US Since 1865            3.00     L.HIS-122    United States Since 1865                       3.00 06/11/13
LANG21200       Foreign Lang Spanish                 3.00     L.SPA-110    Beginning Spanish I                            3.00 01/21/09
SOC110          Introduction to Sociology            3.00     L.SOC-115    Introduction to Sociology                      3.00 08/22/11
SOC260          Intro to Forensic Sciences           3.00                  Elective Credit                                3.00 06/29/12
SPAN110         Communicating in Spanish I           3.00     L.SPA-110    Beginning Spanish I                            3.00 09/01/09
SPAN115         Communicating in Spanish II          3.00     L.SPA-120    Beginning Spanish II                           3.00 09/01/09