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Loras parents are a special group. Sending a son or daughter to a private college represents a financial sacrifice and Loras appreciates the love and concern that motivates the parents of our former students. We thank and honor the following past parents who have helped Loras during the 2005-06 fiscal year.

Names in bold indicate deceased persons

John ('53) and Eunice (Ermer '74) Bamrick
Charles and Elizabeth Becker
Rudolph ('64) and Joan Bellmann
Gerald ('66) and Ruth A. Berns
Terry (’70) and Colleen Boffeli
James ('71) and Deanna Brems
William "Skip" Brennan ('64)
James ('63) and Pam Brimeyer
Anthony M. and Barbara Budak
Michael ('70) and Linda (Miller '75) Budde
Michael J. (’58) and Sharon L. Conlon
Robert ('69) and Sally Davis
Robert ('60) and Marita Doerning
Leo ('55) and Norma Drilling
Daniel ('65) and Janice Even
Thomas ('69) and Sharon Fereday
Frederic ('68) and Shirley Frick
George (’41) and Lillian Freund
John ('61) and Nancy Frommelt
Merle ('62) and Barbara (Sigler '72) Frommelt
James E. ('51) and Louise Garvey
John ('65) and Charlotte Gavin
Thomas ('66) and Poulet Green
Ted ('72) and Dianne Haas
John ('62) and Carole E. Hagarty
Garry ('73) and Jeanne (Hillary '76) Heiar
Edward and Judy Heilers
Richard ('60) and Mary E. Kelly
Franklin Jr. and Lorraine Larson
William ('64) and Kathleen Lynch
Charles D. ('52) and Lela M. McCormick
William P. ('54) and Mary McDevitt
Robert ('60) and Carol McLaughlin
John M. ('64) and Mary Meade, Sr.
Richard ('68) and Patricia Meehan
Leander J. Menke
Francis “Chip” ('74) and Julie Murray, Jr.
Gerard ('51) and Lola Noonan
Thomas ('65) and Karen Quandt
Patrick (’58) and Ruth Rea
Thomas ('59) and Judy Reilly
Patrick ('66) and Linda Rogers
Allen C. ('72) and Joan M. Sampson
Gerald and Tana Spires
Michael ('63) and Patricia Starshak, Sr.
Michael ('73) and Ann M. Talley
Eugene W. ('59) and Germaine Till
Clement ('65) and Judy Walleser
James and Miriam White
Daniel ('62) and Kay Wiatr
Joseph W ('64) and Marcia Zachar
Thomas J. ('57) and Judith M. Zachar
The Reverend Louis C. Zee (’55)

Charles and Elizabeth Becker
Terry ('70) and Colleen Boffeli
William "Skip" Brennan ('64)
John B. (’51) and Edna Brunkhorst
Michael ('70) and Linda (Miller '75) Budde
William (’74) and Nancy Callaghan, Jr.
J. Michael (’63) and Sandra Colloton
John ('61) and Nancy Frommelt
John ('65) and Charlotte Gavin
Thomas (’78) and Kathleen (Keller '76) Giovingo
Ted (’72) and Dianne Haas
John M. and Mary Hartigan
Norbert ('59) and Suzanne Hemesath
James and Ellen Kennedy
John (’67) and Gloria Kromer
Bruce and Jeanne Lauritsen
William ('64) and Kathleen Lynch, Jr.
William P. ('54) and Mary McDevitt
Richard ('68) and Patricia Meehan
Patrick (’58) and Ruth Rea
William G. Rodi (’59)
Albert ('69) and Martha Ruffalo
William and Joan Ryan
William F. ('61) and Patricia Skemp
Michael ('63) and Patricia Starshak, Sr.
Eugene W. ('59) and Germaine Till
Thomas J. ('69) and Maripat Tropp
David ('66) and Kathryn Vogel
Daniel M. ('61) and Carol Wright
The Reverend Louis C. Zee (’55)

1839 CLUB
Charles and Elizabeth Becker
Terry ('70) and Colleen Boffeli
William “Skip” Brennan ('64)
John B. ('51) and Edna Brunkhorst
William (74) and Nancy Callaghan, Jr.
J. Michael ('63) and Sandra Colloton
Michael J. ('58) and Sharon L. Conlon
Timothy ('67) and Christine Conlon
John ('65) and Charlotte Gavin
John ('58) and Virginia Geelan
Thomas (’78) and Kathleen (Keller '76) Giovingo
John P. ('57) and Patricia Glunz
John ('67) and Gloria Kromer
Jeffrey ('63) and Kathleen Ladd
William ('64) and Kathleen Lynch
Richard ('50) and Jane A. Mares
William P. ('54) and Mary McDevitt
William ('55) and Marlene O'Meara, Jr.
Paul ('67) and Pam Peckosh
Albert ('69) and Martha Ruffalo
William F. ('61) and Patricia Skemp
David ('71) and Marilyn Spahn
Thomas J. ('69) and Maripat Tropp
Robert and Judith Tucker
Joseph ('76) and Mary Beth Bouska
Allan J. Carew ('59)
Tom and Paula Giese
Donald ('75) and Kathleen Hemmesch, Jr.
George ('67) and Mary Hendry
Joseph and Katharine Huemann
James J. ('66) and Margaret Kircher
Michael ('66) and Suzanne Blouin
Michael ('70) and Linda (Miller '75) Budde
James ('61) and Mary Costello
Rosemary C. Cronin
John and Jane (Noonan '76) Demmer
Don ('61) and Jan Freymann
David and Jane Geisler
James ('49) and Phyllis Gibson
William M. ('57) and Lois Graham
Ted ('72) and Dianne Haas
William and Donna Hanigan
Frank P. ('64) and Margaret Houlihan
Richard ('60) and Mary E. Kelly
Gerard ('62) and Dianne Klazura
George and Betty Lombard
David ('72) and Ann Ludovissy
Leo and Rosemary Mallie
Gerald ('73) and Marlene Manatt
Roger ('66) and Judith Manderscheid
Edward ('61) and Jane Monaghan
John ('62) and Mary Mulholland
John ('52) and Connie Murphy
Francis “Chip” (’74) and Julie Murray, Jr.
Gerard ('51) and Lola Noonan
Joseph ('74) and Kathleen Schoening
James ('59) and Marilyn Strubel
Kevin ('71) and Suellyn Tritz
John ('67) and Sheila Walsh
Thomas ('65) and Charie Zanck
Douglas and Cindy Backer
John ('53) and Eunice (Ermer '74) Bamrick
Jerome ('60) and Ann (Skelley '75) Beckman
Howard and Jean Berchtold
John M. ('67) and Mary Bremner, Jr.
Jacob and Ann Brody
Linda and Mark Dalsin
J. Walter ('58) and Frances M. Donovan
Leo ('55) and Norma Drilling
James ('58) and Mary Duffy
Thomas ('64) and Jean Farrell
Raymond and Susan Galassi
Glen ('61) and Anna Hardin
Carl ('62) and Marianne Haupert
Norbert ('59) and Suzanne Hemesath
William and Catherine Holland
J. William Hyland ('58)
Terrance ('65) and Alice Kelly
Leo ('66) and Helen Kennedy
George ('49) and Barbara Ketoff , Jr.
Richard and Mary Kirschman
Donald J. ('51) and Rosemary Klein
Julia Koellner
Eugene ('50) and Kathryn Lansing
Daniel and Patricia Lew
Michael ('73) and Dietre McCormick
Denis ('69) and Margaret McKeown
Nancy (Comer '77) and Martin McNamer
Wilfrid ('46) and Patricia McWilliams
Richard ('68) and Patricia Meehan
Elmer ('54) and Karen (Theisen '68) Michels
Clare and Richard Phelan
Dennis and Pamela Pierro
Robert ('59) and Mellita Pommerich
John and Mubarak Reynoldson
James L. ('64) and Suzanne Siepman
Charles ('64) and Mary E. Steffens
Anthony and Sylvia Tarchinski
Scott ('91) and Patricia (Wright '91) Tarchinski
Gerald ('56) and Darlene Tuohy
John ('71) and Bonnie Vanni
Donald and Tammy Zimmer
Douglas M. Atkins ('80)
Lynda L. Colbert
Maurice and Suzanne Bembridge
Gerald ('66) and Ruth A. Berns
Michael ('71) and Bonny Boyd
William T. ('61) and Alice Brennan
Barbara Budak
Robert ('73) and Doris Burns
Larry ('62) and Kathleen Conmey
Judith (Grab '92) and John Curtis
Clarence A. ('62) and Lili Darrow
Frank ('68) and Pamela Dowie, III
Francis and Darlene Dunbar
Michael J. ('75) and Julie A. (Beaves '79) Dunn
Robert ('70) and Pamela (Kress '95) Dunn
John and Cheryl Durbin
Michael ('75) and Susan Fereday
Thomas ('69) and Sharon Fereday, Jr.
Terrance and Sheila Flaherty, Sr.
John ('59) and Carol Flynn
Gregory and Bonnie Foley
Ronald ('61) and Cathy Fox
James ('59) and Lorraine Freet
Merle ('62) and Barbara (Sigler '72) Frommelt
J. Robert and Elise Gardner
David and Shelley Gorenz
William and Debra Graham
James and Nancy Greazel
Walter and Marcia Griskavich
Edward and Judy Heilers
William P. ('65) and Ellen B. Johnston
Patrick ('80) and Nancy Onderak Kelly
Ronald ('70) and Carla Klosterman
Stephen J. and Gloria J. Kult
Franklin and Lorraine Larson, Jr.
John ('68) and Mary Lou Mauss
John J. ('63) and Mary Ann McCluskey
Paul ('64) and Patricia McCune
James B. ('62) and Judith McLaughlin
John ('72) and Linda Mertz, III
Melvin and Marie (Stark '75) Miller
Robert and Linda Murray
Ann M. O'Connor
Helen B. Onderak
Gerald ('66) and Diane Pecinovsky
Thomas Quandt ('65)
James and Paula Roe
Michael ('70) and Toni Schuster
Robert ('65) and Alice Shimanek
Robert and Jane Specht
Robert J. ('65) and Kathleen Spinner
Michael Sr. ('63) and Patricia Starshak
Joseph A. Tauke
Arnold and Anne Van Etten
Noel and Judy Vogen
Thomas and Valorie (Broadhurst '82) Woerdehoff
Daniel M. ('61) and Carol Wright
Joseph W. ('64) and Marcia Zachar, Jr.
William P. Alfredo ('69)
Thomas and Bonnie Banse
Richard ('59) and Ardith Barnes
Roland and Renee Barnes
Louis ('71) and Irene Bassler
Dennis L. ('65) and Mary Baumhover
John W. ('62) and Joan Belda
Rudolph ('64) and Joan Bellmann
Reinhold and Janice Berg
John and Gail Bertossi
James ('67) and Rae Biesiadecki
Joseph ('60) and Carol Bitter
James W. ('66) and Karla A. (Glab '78) Braig
Robert J. ('59) and Mary Breitfelder
Joseph and Colleen Brenke
James ('63) and Pam Brimeyer
James M. Brophy
Larry and Judith Buchenau
James and Barbara Burns
Terrence and Therese Burns
James and Lynn Cannon
Norman L. Cardilli Sr. ('66)
Lawrence J. ('66) and Jackie Carey
Thomas ('68) and Carole Carroll
John ('58) and Norma Cassidy
Donald and Sandra Chisholm
Roger and Kenna Christians
Edith Christman
Stephen and Patricia Cleary
Jerre and Catherine Collins III
Jerry and Nancy Condon
Thomas ('67) and Kathleen Conley
Dennis ('60) and Donna Cook
Richard and Susan Cook
David and Janice Cronin
John ('58) and Sharon Cunnea
John and Susan Dampeer
Paul and Myra DeLong
Mark and Charlotte DeSotel
Charlotte DiPasquale
Daniel ('71) and Debra Dodds
Gary and Cindy Dolphin
Dianne S. Donahue
Michael ('70) and Jean A. Donovan
Judith Dutton
Daniel and Maureen Elbert
Daniel ('65) and Grace Elgin
Neal and Rita Elsbernd
Wayne and Cindy Erger
Michael and Karen Esposito
William and Barbara Evans
Ann (Simon '77) and Lawrence Fautsch
Thomas ('68) and Pamela Fessler
Roger and Mary Fiscus
Patrick ('63) and Sheila (Leuschner '90) Flanagan
Gerald ('65) and Estela Flores
Thomas and Mary Foley
Robert and Patricia (Tranel '87) Freese
Duane ('65) and Kathy Frick
Terrance ('75) and Paula Friedman
Roman W. ('56) and Joy M. Gales
James E. ('51) and Louise Garvey
Steven ('72) and Nancy Gigac
Thomas Greenberg
W. Fred and Kathryn Gruber
Joseph ('72) and Diana Hammell
Thomas ('75) and Ann (Beaves '76) Hanson
Thomas F. Hayes
Kenneth and Mary Hinkel
David A. ('70) and Judy Howe
James ('58) and Jean Huinker
Norman and Carol Hulscher
Randall and Judine Huntington
Gerald J. ('63) and Ann Ihm
Gerald ('69) and Mary Jorgensen
Thomas ('58) and Veronica Joslin
Joseph F. ('48) and Helen Kapler
John and Carlene Kaps
James and Elizabeth Kennedy
Dan and Brenda Kerrigan
Allen and DiAnn (Bolender '99) Kilburg
Michael and Judith Klamut
Robert ('59) and Dorothy Klein
Jeff and Teresa Kline
Roger ('74) and Kathleen Klosterman
James and Judith Kluesner
Kevin ('81) and Dianne (Noonan '81) Koch
David J. ('61) and Mary Koopman
John and Jeanne Kramer
William and Connie Kress
John A. Kurt ('71)
Rose Kvidera
Michael ('59) and Mary Lane
Philip ('54) and Nancy Lawless
Gary Lawrenson
Charles A. ('65) and Kathleen Lazzara
Larry and Mary Lorenz
Raymond and Marjorie Lorenz, Sr.
Joseph ('71) and Susan (O'Brien '78) Lytle
Thomas ('71) and Margaret Magner
Roger M. ('58) and Rose Maiers
Robert ('63) and Kathleen Marsh
Donald ('66) and Janet (Thiel '83) Marxen
Frederick R. ('57) and Mary Jo May
Charles D. ('52) and Lela M. McCormick
David and Laurie McElligott
Michael ('61) and Mary McGill
Richard ('76) and Kathryn McKay
Scott and Sandra McShane
John M. ('64) and Mary Meade, Sr.
Dennis and Mary Miller
William T. and Charlyn Miller
Tim and Carol Moore
Eugene and Mary Morrissy
Steven and Delores Mosiman
Stephen and Marilyn Murphy
Timothy ('59) and Elaine Murphy
Kenneth and Mary Neuhaus
Ronald and Richanne Nicolai
Randal ('71) and Doris Nigg
Donald P. and Lois A. Noel, Sr.
James ('69) and Kristine Noonan
James P. Norton ('70)
Leo ('77) and Kathryn Novosel
Nelson and Karen Nussbaum
David and Linda Paar
William ('68) and Susan Pearce, Jr.
Ray and Betty Pollastrini
James and Betsy Prombo
J. Greg and Patti Purnell
John M. Regan ('71)
Rick and Mary Reich
Glen G. Riess ('53)
Gary ('69) and Ellen Riley
Stephen ('79) and Kris Rodham
Donald ('50) and Beverly Roeder
Patrick ('66) and Linda Rogers
Paul and Margo Rottinghaus
Charles ('70) and Cynthia Runde
Mark and Karen Schlueter
Richard ('69) and Margaret Schrom
Ralph ('66) and Becky Schulte
Gaylan and Marsha Scofield
Frederick ('53) and Grace Sehring
Vernon W. Shaw
Donald ('60) and Marilyn Slattery
Richard and Marlene Staebell
James ('58) and Mary Stock
Gary ('76) and Nancy Strohmeyer
Daniel ('51) and Ann Stubing
Gerald ('70) and Margaret Sullivan
Jeremiah and Dawn Sullivan
Patrick and Kamy Sullivan
David and Debbie Then
Michael and Shirley Urbain
Walter ('71) and Kathleen Van SteenHuyse
David A. Voss ('78)
William and Mary Weirath
Richard ('74) and Norma Weis
David ('62) and Kathleen Westhoff
Richard and Jane Westley
Thomas ('61) and Brenda Wickham
Melvin and Marlene Wilgenbusch
Ronald and Judith Wolf
William J. ('59) and Colleen Wuebker
Alan ('61) and Catherine Zable
The Reverend Louis C. Zee ('55)


Mark and Sharon Abraham
John and Mary Adamek
Jan Ahlberg
Gary ('65) and Stephanie Altfillisch
Dale and Christine Amborski
Lavern and Mary Anderson
Duane and Linda Bachus
Galen and Ann Banks
Patrick and Joyce Barnes
Michael and Joy Behnke
Thomas and Lori Behnke
Arthur and Rosemary Behrens
Suzanne Beitzel
Dennis ('82) and Christine Benda
Jerry and Lauri Biederman
Carl ('69) and Barbara Binz
Gary and Ann Bisping
William ('70) and Sue Biver
Robert ('52) and Jo Ann Blaser
John and Marcia Blough
Duane and Beatrice Bodensteiner
Edward and Barbara Bohrer
Francis ('68) and Carol Boland
Lloyd ('77) and Mary Bonifas
John and Lynn Boreen
David and Diane Brandt
Carl ('70) and Mary Breen
Richard ('59) and Katherine Breitbach
Stephen ('71) and Diane Breitbach
James ('71) and Deanna Brems
John ('72) and Patricia Bries
Shirley Brophy
Edward ('50) and Jean Brosius
Paul and Judy Brueggemann
Harold N. Buchheit ('62)
James ('69) and Deborah Buchheit
Ted and Julie Burgmeier
John ('72) and Kathleen Buri
James ('70) and Mary Busta
Thomas ('73) and Barbara Callahan
Michael and Linda Carney
Lyle and Jeanne Carpenter
Frank and Cecilia Carpinelli
Francis and Kathryn Carroll
Frank and Marilyn Cebuhar
Thomas and Sheryl Cerniglia
James ('70) and Sheila Chambers
Gerald and Mary Chase
Wray and Julie Childers
Charles ('67) and Kathryn Christiansen
Daniel ('72) and Susan Ciucki
Anthony and Karen Clemen
Darrel ('66) and Barbara Collins
Joseph and Barbara Conlon
Daniel and Shirley (Gengler '82) Conry
Owen and Kathy Copeland
Jeff and Judy Corkery
Patrick and Mary Cotter
Brent and Ingrid Coulter
Randall Cram and Frankie Winegardner
William ('67) and Charlene Cramer
Michael and Pamela Creger
Douglas ('64) and Carole Crosby
Patrick and Mary Curran
Bernard and Marilyn Dansart
Gary and Janet Dasch
Susan Dazey
Stephen and Jane DeGolier
Victor and Nancy DeSloover
Hubert and Elizabeth Decker
Rita M. Decker
Rick and Pat Deike
Ronald ('58) and Joan Delagardelle
Michael and Julie ('85) Delaney
Von and Jean Denlinger
James ('68) and Barbara ('94) Deutmeyer
Terry and Janell Deutmeyer
Joseph and Geraldine DiBartolo
Loren and Ann Dietrich
Larry and Colleen Dikkers
Scott Dillon
Michael and Jodie Dirksen
John and Bernadette Divane
Michael ('68) and Willa Doherty
Gordon and Linda Donlea
David ('76) and Patricia Donnelly
John and Judy Downs
Ethel Doyle
Justin ('73) and Charlene Driscoll
John Halbleib and Jeanne ('77) Duffy
Thomas and Jeanne Dunne
Denis and Jean Duppong
Charles ('62) and Kathleen Dutton
Stephen and Cynthia Edwards
David and Vicky Edwards
Michael and Nancy Erskine
Alan and Kell Esch
Gaston and Barbara Esquivel
Duane and Martha Eubanks
Donald and Annette Even
Hank and Meg Farber
William ('66) and Nancy Feld
Donald and Carole Felderman
Thomas ('71) and Mary Barbara Feltes
Edward and Anne Fesco
Vicki Finfrock
Stephen Parks and Margaret Fischels
Gladys M. FitzPatrick
Thomas ('73) and Maureen Fitzgerald
William and Gladys Fitzgerald
Dennis and Maxine Flaherty
Leo and Lois Francois
William and Paula Frazier
Jack and Jill Frederick
Arthur and Patricia Freihoefer
Willis and Bonita Fry
Andrew and Audrone Gaiziunas
John and Monica Gallagher
Louis and Faye Gallery
James and Donna Galligan
Allan and Mary Gamauf
Thomas ('67) and Madelyn Gawne
Scott and Lea Gentzler
Stephen and Mary Gerbode
John and JoAnn Glady
Donald and Sandra Glowacki
Daniel and Michelle Glunz
David ('71) and Lucinda Glynn
Joseph and Paulette Goedken
David and Carol Gorman
James H. ('62) and Margery Grawe
Walter and Norma Gross
Richard and Diann (Kennicker '04) Guns
Harold and Judy Haag
Steven and Roxanne Hachmann
John and Jacalyn Haen
Douglas and Joann Hall
Sharon C. Ham
David and Karla Hammel
Nick and Jane Hancock
Richard and Joan Hank
Thomas and Maureen Hansen
Larry and Anita Hanson
Harold and Elizabeth Harned
Thomas Hart and Louise Fowler
Keith and Norine Harvey
Edward ('66) and Marlene Hayek
Kevin and Carol Healey
Patrick ('57) and Margaret Healy
Brian and Dianne Hefel
Richard and Jean Heger
George and Bonnie (Kluesner '88) Heisler
Richard and Ellen Helmold
Charles and Diann Henes
Vern and Kathie Henkenius
Fred and Marion Hentges
John ('72) and Sally Herrig
Theresa Hertges
Fred and Barbara High
Douglas and Bernadette Hilby
Roger and Carla Hill
Michael and Anne Hillebrand
Arlo and Rita Hinners
Mark and Jayne Hoeger
Roger ('77) and Margaret Hoeger
Tom and Mary (Kresse '78) Hoelscher
Ardell and Marian Hoff
Joseph V. and Lois Holland
Kevin and Karla Horan
Donna Hornberg
Stephen and Peggy Howard
Rose Hubler
Theresa A. Huinker
Delvin and Kathryn Insko
Steven and Toni Irving
Thomas ('70) and Joanne Jackson
Ralph ('55) and Richene Jasper
Gary and Mary Jobgen
Brian and Pat Johnson
Raphael and June Jones
John and Mary Jo Judge
William and Josephine Judkins
Joseph and Christine Kaczmarski
Robert and Connie Kaderly
Debra L. Kaiser
Donna Kane
Thomas ('77) and Julie (Powers '79) Kane
Patrick and Kathryn Kane
Paul and Catherine Kastenmeier
Paul ('73) and Nancy Kaufman
Jeffrey and Mary Kehl
Timothy and Helen (Majerus '97) Kelleher
Linda L. Kelly
Roland and Jean Kendall
Mary L. Kennedy
Walter and Elizabeth Kieckbusch
John ('64) and Jeanne Kiefer
Jerome and Kristene Kieffer
Timothy and Terri King
William and Diane King
James and Jan-Marie Kinsella
Phillip and Joyce Kirkhove
Carol Kirkpatrick
Terrence and Margaret Kloss
Aloysius ('69) and Jeanne Kluesner
Robert ('73) and Bridget (Taylor '74) Kluesner
Eileen Knight
Adrian and Elaine Korbel
George ('73) and Kathleen Kotz
Daniel Kowalski
Charles and Kathryn Kraemer
Kenneth ('57) and Julia (Connell '71) Kraus
Paul and Jeanette Kremer
David ('76) and Lois Kuhle
Daniel and Nancy Kuhn
Julian and Virginia Kuhn
Michael and Barbara Kwiecinski
Melvin ('73) and Sharon LaPrell
Phil and Audrey Lambe
Jeff and Charlotte Langel
John F. and Lois A. Lansing
Daniel and Mary Lashinski
Joseph and Sheri Leibold
Robert and Maureen Lenz
Judith Lesak
Roger and Sharon Lestina
Randy and Patricia Lichty
Charles and Mary Lindgren
Bernard and Leah Link
Merlin and Phyllis ('85) Lippstock
Anna M. List
Greg and Cherie Lovins
Richard and Sidney Lutz
Charles ('74) and Karen Lynch
Herbert and Jacquie ('92) Manternach
Christopher ('79) and Rhonda Mares
Rena Marzen
Edward and Geraldine Maslowsky
Richard and Christine Mayer
David and Linda McAllister
Daniel and Mary McAuliffe
Terrance and Cynthia McCarthy
Blanche McCauley
Ronald and Mary McDonald
Louis and Shirley McGovern
William ('64) and Prudence McKenzie, Jr.
Michael and Brenda (Wilcke '80) McKone
Bernard and Margaret McShane
Kenneth and Nancy McKenna
Patrick and Virgene McManus
Richard and Mary Meyer
June E. Mickel
James J. Miller Sr. ('57)
Stephen C. and Sandra Milliser
James and Mary Mitchell
Allen and Roberta Mittelsted
Larry and Nancy Moffitt
David and Catherine (Weightman '80) Moore
Charlie and Mary Moore
Edward and Sheila Moore
Connie Moran
James ('61) and Sonja Mortensen
James and Mary Moster
Charles and Carolyn Mueller
Jeffrey ('79) and Nancy Mueller
Terry and Mary Kay Mueller
Mrs. G. David Murphy
Robert and Paula Myers
Ken and Marilyn Nauman
Edward and Rose Neill
Mary C. Nelson
Randy and Karen Neuendorf
Jeff and Cathy Nieland
Jeff and Martha Nielsen
Raymond ('70) and Carol Noonan
John P. O'Boyle
Robert ('58) and Margaret O'Brien
Daniel ('61) and Judy Oberbroeckling
John and Shirley Oberbroeckling
Carol M. Oberfoell
Thomas ('59) and Carlyn Oeth
Michael and Mary Okray
Thomas ('77) and Michele Parkin
Ronald and Patricia Parks
Susan Pasquarella
William and Donna ('86) Peck
Randy and Nan ('87) Peck
Michael and Mary ('03) Pedersen
A. Philip and Joanne Pesavento
Darrell and Davine Peterson
Eric and Theresa Peterson
Thomas ('53) and Irma Pfiffner
Judi A. Pierick
Steve and Molly (Welch '88) Pigneri
James and Dolores Portz
Walter Potacki
Gary ('67) and Ann Potter
Robert ('63) and Bonny Prucha, Jr.
James ('76) and Maureen Prunty
Carol A. Queck
Daniel and Patricia Quiery
John and Margaret Quinn
Mike and Christine Rabbett
Frederick and Penny Radach
Steve and Ann Rasmusson
David and Mary Jo Rater
Mona Reichling
John and Kim Reid
James P. Reilly ('71)
Thomas ('59) and Judy Reilly
Doug and Janet Reiter
Wilfred ('58) and Betty Richard
Francis and Mary Ann Riley
Thomas E. ('64) and Diane Rodden
Michael and Glenna Rodts
Patricia Roe
Hans and Kathy Rokus
Jim and Karen Rolling
Gerald ('76) and Mary Ross
Lucille Rothert
Edward and Rose Ruddy
Philip and Shirley Ruff
James and Mary Ryan
Gregory and Sharon Salazar
Allen C. ('72) and Joan M. Sampson
Dennis and Lynn Schaefer
Kent ('69) and Carolyn Scheuerell
Richard and Susan Schieffer
Dale A. Schilling ('70)
John D. ('66) and Delilah Schissel
Thomas ('53) and Dorothy Schlueter
Leroy and Joan Schmit
Alan and Kim Schnittjer
Joseph and Linda Schockemoehl
Susan Schoenick
Dale and Bette Schrobilgen
Gregory ('86) and Kathleen Schrobilgen
James and Valery Schuffler
Jeff and Kathleen Schumacher
Patricia Schumacher
Peter and Rosemary Schwantes
James and Margaret Schwarz
Lois A. Shetler
Mary J. Sitzmann
Robert ('44) and Anita Skahill
Helen Skarin
Daniel ('69) and Rebecca Smith
James and Jody Smith
John and Rebbecca Smith
Louis and Trudy Smith
Mark and Mary Smith
John and Susan Sodey
James and Jane Soman
Charles and Anastasia Spagnoli
Kevin and Sheri Springman
Stephen ('65) and Barbara St. Hilaire
Robert and Beth Starbuck
Allen and Paula Staron
Gary and Laurie Stauffer
Gary and Mary Steiner
Herbert and Jill Steinmetz
Eugene and Randa Stewart
Roger and Sandra Stiever
James and Janice Stillman
David and Kay Stoffel
James and Dorothy Strabala
Shaun and Cynthia Strange
Joseph and Mary Straub
Gary and Jane Strawn
Linda M. Sturm
Michael ('63) and Margaret Sullivan
Thomas and Rita Sundry
David ('59) and Mary Sutter
Paul and Sandy Szalkowski
William and Mary Tarpey, Sr.
Stephen and Judith Tedore
Glenn ('66) and Barbara Templeman
Francis and Jane Tepesch
Robert and Karen Thiele
Joanne M. Thinnes
Larry and Karen Thomas
Larry Guentzel and Tamela Tolzmann
Michael and Mary Toskey
Tito Trevino
David and Mary Triplett
Daryl and Margaret Tupper
David Tweedale
Virgil and Rachel Umthun
Mark and Carolyn Underwood
David ('52) and Marilyn VandenBrook
Vincent ('79) and Betty VandenHeuvel
Holly Vedepo
Albert and Diane Vermeil
Joel and Kathleen Vincent
Stephen and Beverly Wagner
Richard and Deborah Waldoch
Richard ('98) and Nancy Wallace
Roger and Mary Weaver
Delbert and Colleen Weber
Keith and Deanna Weber
Karen Wells
Steven ('79) and Cindy Wendl
Mark and Teresa Wery
James and Nancy Westhoff
Richard and Patricia White
Robert ('76) and Marsha (Phillips '78) White
Richard and Tracey Wieser
Thomas and Susan Williams
William and Donna Wilmarth
Ronald and Carol Winter
Joseph and Cathy Wojtowicz
John and Carol Wonderly
Kenneth and Teresa Wood
Gary and Kathy Wosoba
Randy and Linda Wulff
Wayne and Jacqueline Yeoman
Edward and Victoria Zalaznik
Ronald and Joan Zanin
Neil Zeier
Gerald and Marilyn Zopp

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